Administrative Organization

The President’s Office

ope体育滚球◎Office for Party Committee Policies Research

The Organization Department of Party Committee

The Department of Publicity

The United Front Work Department of Party Committee

The Department of Student Affairs

The Department of Security

The Workers Union

◎The Communist Youth League

The Graduate School

The Department of Undergraduate Education

◎The Department of Science and Technology Research

ope体育滚球◎The Department of Human Resources

The Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges

The Department of Financial Affairs

The Department of Lab and Assets Management

◎The Office for Discipline Plan and Building

The Center for Planning and Basic Construction Management

The Office for Campus Affairs and Property Service

The Department of Housing and Community Management

ope体育滚球◎The Admission Office

The Student Career Advisory Center

The Department of Alumni Relations

The Internet Center

The Data and Information Center

Education Foundation

The Department of Extracurricular Education Management

The Qujiang Campus Management Office

The Faculty and Teaching Development Center

Qianxuesen Library

The Archives Office

ope体育滚球◎The University History and Culture Research Center

ope体育滚球◎The Journal Center

◎The University Hospital

The Engineering Workshop

The Research Institute for Science and Technology and Education Development

The University Museum


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