Schools and Colleges
    Schools and Colleges
      School of Pharmacy 2017-06-05 
      School of Nursing 2017-06-05 
      The Stomatological Hospital (College) 2017-06-05 
      The Second Affiliated Hospital 2017-06-05 
      The First Affiliated Hospital 2017-06-05 
      School of Forensic Sciences 2017-06-05 
      School of Public Health 2017-06-05 
      School of Basic Medical Sciences 2017-06-05 
      Xi’an Jiaotong University Health Science Center 2017-06-05 
      The School of Aerospace 2016-10-31 
      School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering 2016-03-22 
      School of Management 2015-04-19 
      School of Marxism Studies 2015-01-05 
      School of Science 2015-01-04 
      School of Economics and Finance 2015-01-04 
      School of Continuing Education 2015-01-04 
      Lizhi College 2014-12-31 
      School of Mechanical Engineering 2014-12-31 
      School of Chemical Engineering and Technology 2014-12-31 
      Chungying College 2014-12-30 
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